City HallThe City of Plymouth will conduct their regular meetings Monday evening, November 11th in the second floor council chambers of City Hall.

The Board of Public Works and Safety meets at 6 p.m. and includes reports from department heads, a request for sidewalk improvement at 810½ North Walnut Street and consideration of the 2020 Animal Control Services Agreement with the Marshall County Humane Society.

The Plymouth Common Council will meet at 6:30 and includes the 2020 agreements for Planning Services with Ralph Booker and Older Adult Services.

The City Council will consider an ordinance amending the 2020 Salary ordinance.  Since accepting next year’s Salary Ordinance the airport manager has requested a part-time employee.  That position wasn’t included in the 2020 Salary Ordinance.  The amendment will include a part-time laborer at $13.31 per hour.

The Council also will hear an ordinance setting salaries for elected officials in 2020.  The Mayor has proposed a 2.8% raise for elected officials.  That means his salary will increase to $62,876.88 while the Clerk-Treasurer will be paid $65,282.40.  Council members will have an annual salary of $8,953.92.  The salaries are paid out of three funds, 1/3rd from the General Fund, 1/3rd from the Water Works Fund and 1/3rd from the Wastewater Fund.

The City Council will also consider a resolution transferring funds in the General Fund, City Monetary Gift Fund and Park Gift Fund.

The city meetings are open to the public although comments and questions are limited to agenda items only.