825 North Center StreetA new yarn and textile shop with a retail gift area will open in May 2020 thanks to the actions of the Plymouth Board of Zoning Appeals.

Susan Kessler, a retires school teacher from South Bend was seeking a Variance of Use to open a retail shop at 825 North Center Street.  The variance was needed because the property is currently zoned Traditional Residential.

Kessler told members of the BZA that she loves the small town atmosphere in Plymouth and wants to open a shop at the corner of Center and Harrison Street.   The property has set vacant for several years and is in need of major work but Kessler sees a bright future for the location.  It was noted during the meeting that the property has always been commercial and way back in the day it was a neighborhood grocery store.

Kessler said the business she is proposing is a quite operation and would fit perfectly in a residential neighborhood.  She wants to bring good quality yarns and offer classes and a sit and knit area.  She plans to offer textile crafting too.

Kessler said it will be a destination business where people will travel from outside the immediately area to shop and participate in classes.

Parking was the only issue with the BZA.  Plymouth Building Commission Keith Hammonds said with the size of the building there needs to be 4 to 5 off-street parking spaces.  While there is on street parking along the front of the store and on the north side there are approximately 4 parallel parking spaces off of Harrison Street along with one or two parking spaces immediately behind the building.

The Plymouth Board of Zoning Appeals unanimously approved the variance request with the stipulation that Kessler provide two employee parking spaces behind the building.