Election Results fall 2019Municipal Election result in Marshall County not only included many raced in Plymouth, it also included races in the towns of Bourbon, Culver and LaPaz.

In Bourbon the only race was for the Clerk Treasurers position.  Democrat incumbent Kim Berger will serve another term by gathering near 72% of the vote.  Berger received 257 votes while her Republican challenger Melissa Shawn Clanton received 101 votes.   There were also two At-Large seats open on the Town Council in Bourbon but only two candidates.  Republican Ward Byers, a new face received 240 votes and incumbent Philip John (PJ) Hanley receive 208 votes.

In Culver the Clerk Treasurer seat was not challenged for next year.  Republican incumbent Karen Heim received 199 votes.  There was a race for the three At-Large seats.  Five candidates were battling for those seats.  Incumbent Republican Ginny Bess Munroe was the top vote getter with 161 votes while Republican and former Town Board member Sally Ricciardi received 151 votes.  The third seat will be filled by Democrat incumbent Richard (Rich) west with 137 votes.  Republican challenger Judy Price Reynolds pulled 94 votes and Libertarian incumbent Joel Samuelson was only able to gather up 87 votes.

The Town of LaPaz only had a race for the Clerk Treasurers seat.  In July, Republican Wendy Birk was caucused into the seat.  She was challenged in the fall election by Democrat Lorraine Dove.  Birk received 14 votes while Dove received 39 votes.   The LaPaz Town Council had three At-Large seats open and three candidates: Republican Roger Ecker who received 40 votes, Democrat Ryan Young who also received 40 seats and Democrat Kelli Chavez who received 32 votes.