Election Results2The 2019 Municipal Elections had some close races and there will be some new faces in the City of Plymouth come 2020.

The mayor’s race was decided by 85 votes.   Incumbent Mayor, Mark Senter will get his fourth term with 809 votes while his Democratic challenger Josh Walker gathered up 724 votes.

Republican incumbent Clerk/Treasurer Jeanine Xaver will also get another four year term by collecting 276 more votes than her challenger Cathy Huff Wraight.  Xaver ended the election with 892 votes and Wraight had 616 votes.

The Plymouth City Council has four district seats and three at-large seats.  Next year we will see the same four faces for the district seats but there will be a couple new faces for the at-large seats.  Republican incumbents Duane Culp in District 1, Don Ecker in District 2 and Randy Longanecker in District 4 will be back to serve the citizen of Plymouth while incumbent Democrat Shiloh Milner will also return as the District 3 representative.

There were three At-Large seats up for grabs and both the Democrats and Republicans had three candidates on the ballot.  The top three vote getters will fill those three open seats in 2020.  Newcomer, Democrat Robert Listenberger received the most votes with 691 while another newcomer, Republican Greg Compton was second with 679 votes.  The final seat will be filled by incumbent, Democrat Jeff Houin who had 674 votes.  The other three candidates: Republican incumbent Bill Walters received 637 votes and Republican Nick Fisher received 606 votes while Democrat Jim Vinall had 535 votes.

The election results will not be official until 10 days after the election when the Marshall County Election Board certifies the results.