Election Board 2019_fallA total of 529 registered voters took the opportunity to vote by mail, travel board or walk-in for Tuesday’s Municipal Elections.

Monday afternoon members of the Marshall County Election Board meet to certify the absentee ballots in the Court House.

County Clerk Deb VanDeMark, republican Sean Surrisi and democrat Rick Huff confirmed the numbers.  There were a total of 93 mail in ballots: none from Bourbon 1; 2 from Bourbon 2; 12 in Center 1; 20 in Center 2; 24 in Center 3; 31 in Center 4 and 4 in Union 1.   The Marshall County Travel Board voted 98 registered voters with 4 in Bourbon 1, 1 in Bourbon 2; 13 in Center 1; 28 in Center 2; 28 in Center 3; 19 in Center 4 and 5 in Union 1.

There were a total of 275 walk-in voters in the Marshall County Clerk’s Office and 63 at the Culver Depot the last two Saturdays.

Marshall County Clerk Deb VanDeMark noted that were still 9 mail-in ballots still out as of the 2 p.m. meeting on Monday.  The deadline to have those ballots counted is in Tuesday’s mail.  It was also noted that there were no military ballots requested for this election.

The 529 votes already cast equal a 6.8% of the 7753 eligible voters for the municipal election.

Looking at a comparisons from four years ago there were 88 travel board votes, 29 mail in ballots and 178 walk-in voters.