PHS Flashlight Parade 2019

The Pride of Plymouth Marching Band will present the annual Community Night performance of the fall marching band show Wednesday, Oct. 30, at the PHS Rockpile Stadium at 7:45 p.m. PHS band director Bryan Ames said the performance will help students prepare for the Indiana State School Music Association, Inc. (ISSMA) Class BSemi-State event this coming Saturday at Pike High School. After the annual Community Night performance Wednesday night, the popular “Flashlight Parade” will take place.

“Additionally, our neighbors just to the north, LaVille High School, have qualified for the ISSMA Class DSemi-State event for the first time in their school’s history! To show our full support of both groups from our community, the LaVille marching band will also be performing and sharing in our annual Community Night performance with us to celebrate the success of all the wonderful student musicians in our area,” said Ames. Both communities are invited to arrive at 7:45 p.m. for the Community Performance followed by the Flashlight Parade. If you are planning on attending the Flashlight Parade you are asked to bring something that lights up such as a flashlight, lightsabers, or battery-powered Christmas lights for example.

Supporters will make an illuminated tunnel from the stadium back to the band room. Ames said this is one of the students’ favorite nights of the year. “Come join us for a great evening of entertainment and come support some amazing kids from our communities,” Ames said.