AIC_Oct2019The Association of Indiana Counties (AIC) announced Friday 53 local officials and their employees received continuing education credits in the Institute for Excellence classes.  Marshall County Auditor Julie Fox received continuing education certification.  Thirty-one individuals received their Institute for Excellence Certification by completing 30 credit hours within 4 years. Marshall County Treasurer Angie Birchmeier was honored with the Institute for Excellence Certification.

Additionally, 27 individuals completed requirements for additional awards.

AIC and Bliss McKnight are helping county officials continue pursuing their educational goals through live and recorded classes. To learn more about the AIC Institute visit

The AIC is dedicated to assisting county government officials and employees in becoming more efficient, solving tough problems, and finding the resources they need to serve their constituents well.  The AIC believes education is the beginning of any successful endeavor, especially within the public service sector.

With the many facets and complexities of government, ongoing education is needed to ensure that government functions run smoothly. With the support of Bliss McKnight, Inc., the AIC has devoted its resources to improve government through its educational program called Institute for Excellence in County Government. The Institute was established in 1993 to allow officials and county employees access to training which is geared specifically to county government.

The AIC Institute is made available to all elected county officials and staff. After accruing 30 or more credit hours of study within two consecutive years, program participants qualify for various levels of AIC Institute Certificates. Continuing education certificates are awarded to those who have previously earned an Institute Certificate and have completed an additional 20 hours of coursework within one calendar year.