Crash_US30_PlymouthGoshen_5 10-15-19 dogThe little dog that survived a fatal crash on U.S. 30 at Plymouth Goshen Trail Tuesday afternoon is still missing.

The crash killed the dog’s owner, 44 year old Dorcas Figueroa Hernandez of South Bend and sent her daughter to Memorial Hospital by way of a helicopter flight.

Crash_US30_PlymouthGoshen_1 10-15-19The driver of a yellow hummer was one of the first on the scene and took the dog and put it on the floorboard on the passenger’s side of the hummer she was driving. She then went to help emergency responders and was seen holding an IV bag over the victim at the crash site.  Once emergency responders determined injuries to Hernandez were too sever to survive, the lady who was wearing a light colored purple jacket with lots of writing on the back showed the little dog to Kathy Bottorff from WTCA and told her she was taking the animal to the vet to get checked out and then she would get it back to the owner.

The little dog, “Jasmine” had recently had surgery and was at the vet getting the stitches removed.  The family was on their way home when the accident occurred.

The Marshall County Human Society has not seen the dog.  They have contacted all the vets in Marshall County and many in the surrounding counties with no luck in locating the family’s pet.

Anyone with any information as to the whereabouts of Jasmine should contact the Marshall County Sheriff’s Office at 574-936-3107 or the Marshall County Humane Society at 574-936-8300.