County News # 1Monday morning the Marshall County Council approved the 2020 Budget.  The General Fund is $13,303,289 while the Special Funds total $13,833,940 for a grand total of $27,136,229.

Council member Penny Lukenbill asked Auditor Julie Fox if the estimated revenues for the general fund were as anticipated.  Initially the council used $13,223,738 when preparing the General Fund budget and Fox said it was still a good number.  Lukenbill commented, “So the budget is sustainable,” and Fox said she was very confident that it will be.

The 2020 budget was unanimously approved.

Next year’s budget does reflect a $.25 an hour increase for most county employees.  Many employees will also see an increase for those who needed an increase to bring up their rate in their job classification.

Council President Judy Stone also commented that she liked the new recommendation to offer hourly wage increases so the percentage in classification categories spread doesn’t grow too big.