ISP_Gruett MikeThe Indiana State Police held an awards and recognition ceremony in Indianapolis on Friday. The ceremony publicly recognized the achievements and accomplishments that all too often go without the proper recognition. Officers were recognized for their dedication, service, bravery, and devotion to the department and the citizens of Indiana. From the Bremen Post, Master Trooper Michael Gruett was recognized for life-saving action he took in Marshall County this year.

On April 7th, 2019, Master Trooper Michael Gruett heard a Marshall County 911 Dispatch advising that a two-year-old child had fallen into a pool located in Marshall County.

When Master Trooper Gruett arrived he was met by the victim’s mother who said she had removed the male child from the swimming pool prior to his arrival. She believed that her child had been in the pool for approximately two minutes. She explained she removed water from the child’s mouth, began CPR, and wrapped him in a blanket. She was able to get the child breathing again but he continued to go in and out of consciousness.

Master Trooper Gruett placed the child on the ground and began giving back slaps and sternum chest rubs to start, and keep, the child crying until EMS arrived. EMS transported the child to the Plymouth Airport where he was transported by a Medflight Helicopter to Memorial Hospital in South Bend where he made a full recovery.

Gruett is a 34 year veteran of the Indiana State Police. He lives and patrols in Marshall County.