Miller's_Pencil Norma Montgomery Oct 2019Volunteer Sharon Duff recently led residents at Miller’s Assisted Living in Crafting Fun.  They made an oversized pencil using candy and card stock.  There were enough supplies for those participating to make more than one pencil so they could share with a friend or family member.

As a former school teacher Norma Montgomery had a particularly fun time with this craft and plans on giving one of the pencils to her granddaughter.

Miller's_Pencil Sandra Fry Oct 2019Sandra Fry decided to share them with her daughters who are school teachers.

Also receiving a pencil were daughters of PCA Cassandra Hardesty, Calista and Cadence.  Residents decided they’d like to have another pencil craft day as they have thought of other’s they’d like to share them with!

 1. Norma Montgomery with her finished pencils.

2. Sandra Fry getting crafting tips from Volunteer Sharon Duff.

Miller's_Pencil Calista Oct 20193. & 4.   Calista and

Miller's_Pencil Cadence Oct 2019Cadence Hardesty…proud of their pencils!