County News # 1(On Monday-Today) the Marshall County Highway Department will finish up paving West Shore Drive at Lake of the Woods.

Tuesday and Wednesday area leaders will be working in their townships to catch up on some repairs and complaints that have been called in to the Highway Department over the last few weeks.

Operators will be cleaning up machines and getting them ready to put up for the winter season. They will also be processing materials for road side shoulders.

Thursday and Friday county highway employees will begin the road side shoulders work.  They will be putting the gravel on the shoulders of all the re-paved roads they’ve done this season.

Weather permitting; the paint crew will continue the painting of county roads this week Monday through Friday.

Highway Superintendent Jason Peters said, “The culvert crew has continued to work on culvert projects over the last couple of weeks on Apple Road and 3rd Road.  They will be completing the 3rd Road project and moving to the next location. The rain fall of 4” last week gave the culvert crew an opportunity to check on the repairs that have been completed over the last several weeks. All location that were repaired reported no flooding issues.”