New Song ChurchMembers of the Plymouth Board of Zoning Appeals approved a variance of development standard for the New Life Church at 1292 Baker Street last night.

About a half-a-dozen times each year the church experiences an overflow of their current parking lot.  The church wants to create an overflow parking lot of 32 spaces to the north of the current parking lot.

Pastor Justin Chambers and Engineer Dan Sellers explained their plan to create a paved parking lot with 32 spaces.  They doesn’t want to include any curbed landscaped islands because of the additional expense and the restrictions it creates for snow removal.

BZA members commented that months and months were spent on creating the development standards.  They were concerned that granting a variance would not create a visibly pleasing space.

Chambers said they will be landscaping the area between the two driveways into the overflow parking lot and some of the area around the new parking lot.

Plan Commission members Bill Walters and Doug Feece were also concerned of allowing the removal of the landscaping islands but when they heard area landscaping would be included they were in favor of the variance.

The Plymouth BZA unanimously voted to approve  the variance.