Heroes on the Hardwood2019The Boys and Girls Club of Marshall County held their first annual “Heroes on the Hardwood” event in the Plymouth High School gymnasium Saturday night. The event was held to support the club’s various children programs.

Two teams participated in the event – Team Police and Team Fire. Team Police was made up of officers from the Plymouth Police Department and Marshall County Sheriff Department. Team Fire was represented by the Plymouth Fire Department, EMS and volunteers.

Heroes on the hardwood2019_1Team Fire dominated the basketball court for the duration of the game. Team Police put up a valiant effort, but eventually fell to Team Fire with a final score of 46 to 38.

The club’s goal was to raise $10,000 from the event. With the raffles, ticket sales, and money raised by both teams before the event, the club surpassed that goal. Team Fire raised the most money for the event – beating Team Police by just a few hundred dollars.

Heroes on the Hardwood2019_2In the end, there were no real losers at the game. The camaraderie and sportsmanship shown by all the players on both teams was very apparent. Everyone came together for a good cause and had fun. There were plenty of smiles from the players and cheering from the crowd. The half-time show was also entertaining with several little kids doing their best to shoot baskets.

Team Fire was able to take home the trophy this year, but many members of Team Police seemed eager to try again at next year’s event.

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