First_United_Methodist_Church_Plymouth_IndianaMike Stump appeared before the Plymouth Board of Public Works and Safety Monday evening to discuss an issue with the alleyway between the First United Methodist Church at 400 North Michigan Street and their Education Building on Adams Street.

Stump said storm water from when it rains is seeping into the basement of the Education Building through the alley. He suggested inverting the roadway surface so storm water would run down the middle of the alley and not along the edge.

Street Superintendent Jim Marquardt said he and the City Engineer looked at the issue and noticed that two-thirds of the downspouts on the church and half of the downspouts on the education building are empting into the alley way along with the water off the north parking lot.

The issue was tabled while the city continues to look into the elevation of the alleyway and they would like to look at the issue when it’s raining.

Councilman Jeff Houin said “We will work together to find a solution.”