Pilot NEws Building_1It’s official the Pilot News and Yoder’s Sports Center are swapping places.

During Tuesday’s What’s Your Opinion Show on WTCA, Cindy Stockton, Publisher of the Pilot News and Jeremy and Amanda Price from YSC confirmed the rumors floating around town.

The Pilot News will be make a temporary move across the street to the former Anco Office building while renovations can be made to Yoders changing it from a retail building to an office building.  Stockton said she anticipates them moving into their new location about the end of the year.

Yoders sportsJeremy Price said their sporting goods store would close Tuesday night and be closed for about two weeks as they move into the Pilot News building.  During those two weeks they will transfer all their merchandise, make some minor renovation to the building and get ready to open their retail business in their new, larger location.

Amanda Price said they will continue to carry a variety of apparel for all of the area high school teams, used sporting equipment and small sporting equipment.

While the Prices wouldn’t commit to anything else, they did say they are looking at a variety of options with the new larger space.

Pilot News customers should not even notice the change, that is unless you pay your bill or purchase your ads in person.  The next couple of days will be busy for both locally owned businesses but things will be back to normal in a short amount of time.

WTCA was happy to be able to help announce this change in our downtown area.