Triton Gives Back day_wrapup_car wash“Beyond Blessed” were some of the words that came out of the mouths of those who were served during last Friday’s Triton Gives Back Day. “We should do this more often” were some of the words that came out of Triton Scholars mouths on Friday when serving. Over 1000 individuals mobilized for one sole purpose, to think of others over self, The Trojan Way!  Mission accomplished Triton School Corporation! Pictures and videos of Friday’s Triton Gives Back Day are accumulating in the google drive and will very shortly be put into a Triton Trojan Spotlight video by our very own Triton Scholar, Mr. Trent Barnhart and Triton Alum, Orion Lemler. Below are just a few pictures of the day along with a couple more acts of the Trojan Way, which could have gone unnoticed but will not.

Triton Gives Back Day-wrappup_11. On Wednesday evening of last week as the Triton Gives Back Team was sorting materials, supplies and t-shirts for the big day, we found that we were approximately 30 t-shirts short of making sure that all Triton Scholars were able to wear Triton colors for the big day. At approximately 4pm a message was sent out to our patrons about helping out. Shortly after that I received a text message from Jonah and Monica Best saying they would love to help. In the last couple pre-school pictures you can see a few of the 25 especially themed Triton Gives Back t-shirts that she provided our students by J&M Embroidery. The Trojan Way in Action.

Triton Gives Back Day_wrapup_Preschool Slime2. Ady Stitcher used funds from her Slime Lab booth at Food Truck Friday to make slime for every preschooler. So proud of her! She not only served Friday, but served Friday night as well in order to bless the Triton Pre-School Scholars with their own slime. She definitely lives the Trojan Way.