Plymouth Street Superintendent, Jim Marquardt addressed the Board of Public Works and Safety Monday evening on the traffic light issue at East Jefferson and Center Streets.

Marquardt said the controller is out and the cost to install a new controller, replace the light-heads like the city has done with several other lights and replace the wiring will cost $25,600 which is within the city budget.  The new controller would be time based.

Marquardt would like to talk with Michiana Contracting about the possibility of installing a detection system at Center Street so traffic would flow on Jefferson Street until the detector on Center Street was engaged and then the light would change for the north and south bound traffic.  He said they would also have to install pedestrian push buttons and walk lights.

There have been several positive comments on social media that traffic is flowing better with the four-way stop.


The Board of Works members felt doing the job the complete and right way was better than making a fix now and then spending additional money later on to bring the intersection up to date.


Marquardt will move forward with obtaining cost estimates for the bigger project.