County news # 2Members of the Marshall County Unsafe Building Board took action on several properties that have been experiencing septic failures.

The property owner at 17149 Lincoln Highway in Plymouth, Jerry Haeck did not attend the meeting but the board heard from Faith Chapman, Environmentalist from the Health Department.  Chapman said is August of 2018 she was called to do an inspection due to a sewage leak and the condition of the house.  Her inspection revealed that the septic system was in total failure.  The case went to court but Haeck has stalled on getting the permit from the state since the property is an apartment building.

Health Department Director, Christine Stinson said an inspection from an IOPA Certified Inspector confirmed the Health Dept. findings that the system was in total failure.  The judge ordered him to remediate the system beyond pump and haul.  New tanks were set but he hasn’t moved forward to replacing the onsite system.

A motion was made to move this issue through the court system seeking a order from the judge to comply with the order from the Health Department to complete the septic replacement project.

The next case was 10375 8A Road, a property owned by George Piper.  Mr. Piper and Lisa Vermillion attended the meeting to share their concerns with the board.

Ms. Chapman presented the case to the board and said in August of last year the Health Department was called out for a complaint of too many cars and someone living in an RV on the property.  While doing the inspection they came to an area where there was ponding sewage.

The homeowner said they had capped off the septic tank but the health department needs a certified profession to confirm the tank was capped correctly. They have also not applied for a pump and haul permit nor presented proof that a certified hauler has pumped the old tank or had the tank inspected by a IOPA certified inspector.

Vermillion said they have had the tank pumped three time and they sent pictures of how they capped off the tank to the health department.  She also said with only one income and no credit they don’t have the money to do anything else at this time.  It was also explained that Piper was living in the camper for about 4 weeks.

The property owners said they hired Huff to inspect the tank but Christine Stinson from the Health Department said he’s not a certified IOPA inspector.   Vermillion said they are trying to follow the order and have removed vehicle from the property.


Stinson said, “It’s been over a year.  We don’t have a certified inspection.  We have no evidence that the tank is water tight and has been capped off.”


The board ordered Mr. Piper to get an IOPA certified inspection and testing of the septic tank and apply for a pump and haul permit.  They gave the property owners 10 days to comply because of the time that has elapsed since the case first came to the notice of the health department.