M.C. Jail 8-9-12_distantDuring their second meeting in September, County Attorney, Jim Clevenger presented the Marshall County Commissioners were presented with an agreement for financial services with Baker Tilly for the jail expansion project.   This year Baker Tilly purchased Umbaugh and Associates, the company the commissioners used for the jail construction project 12 years ago.  Todd Samuelson, financial advisor worked with the county on the initial project and will be assisting with this expansion project.

Clevenger said the agreement is similar to the previous one the County had entered into for the financing of the original jail project. The attorney did note one major difference in the contract and that was the rates.  They are higher than in previous one.

While not wanting to stand in the way of the project, Commissioner Stan Klotzdid commented that could avoid spending  a huge amount on interest if various governmental agencies in the county could share in the cost instead of financing so much in a bond issue.   This is something that came up with former State Representative Tim Harmon a few years ago.

Kevin Overmyer, President of the commissioners said timing was key on this project, referring to lawsuits filed against the county for the overcrowding conditions in the jail.  He also indicated that the county doesn’t have the power to seek funds from other sources for the project.  The County Attorney, Jim Clevenger agreed with Overmyer and said state statue doesn’t currently allow other agencies to share their funds.

With no further discussion the commissioners unanimously approved the financial services agreement.  Cost estimates for the project options should be ready for the October 21st Commissioners meeting.