Plymouth Color Logo2014The Plymouth City Council heard first reading of the second ordinance presented by Mayor Senter for the 2020 Salaries.

Mayor Senter initially proposed a 2% across the board raise except for three positions; the Building Commissioner, Airport Manager and City Attorney.   At a previous meeting he said the building commissioner and airport manager’s salaries were the only ones still on the lower end of the 2017 Salary Survey.  He increased their salaries by 4% saying, “It will bring them to the mid level range.”

The mayor said he wanted to raise the City Attorney’s salary 4% because of the additional time and overall work he has done on so many special projects.

There was opposition from several council members so during Monday’s meeting Mayor Senter presented a second Salary ordinance for 2020.  This one still had the 4% raise the Building Commissioner and Airport Manager but he reduced the City Attorney to a 3½% increase.

The new ordinance moved forward with no comments.