Oak HIll CemeteryMonday evening the Plymouth Common Council approved a new ordinance on second and third reading regarding rules and regulations for the Oak Hill Cemetery.

Some of the general rules in Oak Hill Cemetery with the exception of the Gracelawn Section require all monuments and markers to be in one line on the front or back edge of the lots as they were originally laid out.  The sizes of monuments are limited by the size of the lot and no mausoleums will be erected other than in the Edgewood edition.

The rules require all flowers and artificial floral arrangements to be place against the monument and they will not allow artificial lawn or garden ornaments, such as animals, pottery and fencing.  They are also restricting crushed stone, aggregate or glass.

In the Gracelawn section of the Oak Hill Cemetery flowers can only be planted the length of the monument and not extend beyond the width of the monument.  This section also limits the use of aggregate, gravel, borders, bricks, glass, fencing, trellises, peonies and rose bushes, shrubberies of any kind and artificial lawn and garden ornaments.

Changes in the ordinance include increasing the cost of entombment for cremated remains in the mausoleum from $150 to $200 Monday through Friday from 8 to 3; on Saturdays from 8 to 3 or Sundays from noon till 3 increased from $300 to $400.

Newly appointed Sextant, Michael Collins will be on the radio in the next few days to talk about the cemetery.