Courthouse Annex patio_2Last week the Marshall County Commissioners approved a quote from D.R. Masonry to do a major renovation project on the Courthouse Annex patio.

Earlier in July Doug Masterson, Director of Maintenance for the county told the commissioners he has spoken with seven contractors on a project to alleviate a water issue at the courthouse.  He said only one company offered a competitive quote.   D. R. Masonry presented a quote of $67,500 to fix the water issue by removing the concrete patio and placing a perimeter drain to keep water from entering into the basement area of the annex.

Initially Masterson asked the County Highway Department to remove the concrete, a cost savings of $19,000.  Last week he asked the commissioners to go with the initial quote noting that the highway department is behind on their own work due to all the rain and it would be easier to have D.R. Masonry do all the work and not have to try and schedule the other work with the highway.

Courthouse Annex Patio_3Masterson said the project could start as early as the first week in August.  He also said he will need an additional appropriation to complete the work because he doesn’t have enough money in his budget to do the work.  Doug said he would seek the additional funds at the August 12 County Council meeting.

The Marshall County Commissioners approved the quote and will support the additional request at the Council meeting.