lightening strikeThe Marshall County Coroner was contacted by the Marshall County Sheriff’s Department at 8:32 P.M. Saturday, July 20, for a 65 year male that was struck by lightning and had died.  Richard Eberhardt and a special friend were on a pontoon on Lake of the Woods, when a strong storm blew in.  As the two were trying to get to shore there were several strikes of lightning in the area.  One of the lightning bolts did strike Mr. Eberhardt causing him to collapse in cardiac arrest.  CPR was initiated immediately and Lutheran EMS along with Bremen Fire Department responded.  All efforts were exhausted and Mr. Eberhardt was pronounced dead at the scene.  Mr. Eberhardt’s friend was on the pontoon at the time of the lightning strike, however was not injured.

The investigation continues by the Marshall County Coroner and the Marshall County Sheriff’s Department.  An autopsy is scheduled for Sunday.

Marshall County Coroner John Grolich and Chief Deputy Coroner Les Trump were assisted by the Marshall County Sheriff’s Department, Bremen Fire, and Lutheran EMS.