County News # 1During Monday’s Marshall County Commissioner meeting, Veterans Service Officer Pam Schweizer-Betz asked the Commissioners for guidance in dealing with complaints she is receiving from veterans who have been solicited by for-profit companies to assist them in receiving benefits.

The Veterans Service Officer said the companies are going to nursing homes and churches and encouraging veterans to sign-up with them to attain their veterans benefits from the government.

Schweizer-Betz said she has been contacted by some veterans who have sign-up and are now experiencing issues because their claims are not filled out properly.  She said once they sign-up her office can no longer offer assistance.  She said these companies are not giving veterans all the information that the need and they are charging the veterans for services her office provides free of charge.

The Veterans Service Officer want’s veterans to know that her services are offered complimentary.  If anyone has been solicited, they should contact the Marshall County Veterans Service Officer in room 306 on the third floor of the County Building.  You can also contact her at 574-935-8546.