NewsThe request to amend a previous Special Use to permit for a kennel at 430 5B Road near Bremen was tabled during last week’s Marshall County Board of Zoning Appeals.

David Slabaugh currently has a Special Use to allow for a kennel that can house 12 mature dogs.  He told the BZA he wants to grow his business and increase the number of mature dogs to 45 plus the offspring until the age of 8 weeks.  He raises Boxers and Goldendoodles and proposes building a new kennel facility with 20 runs.

County Plan Director Ty Adley said he observed a violation of the current Special Use while conducting an unexpected site visit with Nancy Cox from the Marshall County Humane Society. The current Special Use was granted with a stipulation of two fences and one being solid surface, which is not in place.  Adley did note that Ms. Cox was pleasantly surprised with the cleanliness of the current facility and the excellent care provided to the dogs.

Members of the Board of Zoning Appeals had several questions including how the waste disposal would be handled.  Slabaugh said initially he planned to use the manure as fertilizer.  He also mentioned a dry system where sawdust is used, composting or land-filling it.  The BZA said the Office of the State Chemist could help in making the determination of how to dispose of the dog waste.

With more than 20 female dogs the State Board of Animal Health requires the breeding facility to be licensed.

During the public hearing, three letters of opposition were read into the record.

The applicant asked to have the Special Use tabled until the August meeting so he could determine the process of removing the dog waste, check on the breeding facility licensing requirements and create a business plan.