Summers End logoLast week members of the Marshall County Board of Zoning Appeals had a number of items up for consideration.

ABATE of Marshall County sought an administrative appeal to waive the $75 fee to apply for a Special Use variance to hold the annual Summers End event on September 20th through the 22nd.  Dian Fisher, secretary of the Marshall County organization explained that ABATE is a 501C3 non-profit group that donates funds to various groups and organizations throughout the year.  After a short discussion the board voted 3 to 2 to waive the fee.

Following the decision to waive the Special Use fee the County BZA had to consider the request of Rich Sommers and ABATE to host the annual fundraiser on his property at 10648 Upas Road in West Township.  The request was for a 3 years permit.

A public hearing was held and four people spoke in favor of the Special Use while two people, Mike Delp and Luann Falkowski who lives directly across the road from the location.

Falkowski said she was supportive of ABATE but the noise after midnight for two nights is horrible.  She said the shut the band down about midnight but people camping crank up their music and there’s screaming and motorcycle engines revving.

Commissioner Delp said he wouldn’t give a three year permit if they can’t stay within the limits set forth.  He also said the board shouldn’t ignore the people who actually live there all the time.  Delp also said if the variance was granted he would be stopping by to experience the event this year.

The County BZA unanimously approved a three year Special Use for Summers End with stipulations including the revocation for non-compliance of the noise and disorderly conduct provisions.