Rees Theatre logoThe REES Theatre is taking on a new name to reaffirm the understanding it will be much more than a theater. The vision the community helped create by imaging the possibilities is for the renovated space to be a community center for any and every occasion for individuals, businesses or groups in Plymouth and surrounding areas.

The auditorium at the REES is now designed in tiers with flexible seating flanked by ADA compliant ramps, accommodating all types of events: concerts, theatrical/live performances, dinner theater, speakers/seminars, worship/assemblies, exhibits, weddings, receptions and reunions. A gathering place to celebrate community milestones. Presentation of film will continue with seasonal themes, classics, inter-generational and multicultural selections.

Educational opportunities will include: children’s summer theater camps, interdisciplinary events with area schools, technical schools and higher education programs, health and wellness programs, live-stream National/World events and performances, workforce development/job training site, corporate training and continuing education, professional development workshops, community leadership/speaker series.

Your landmark theater will simply be known as, “The REES”. See you there in 2020!!