sobriety-checkpoints6The Marshall County DUI Task Force conducted a Sobriety Checkpoint on Saturday, June 29 in the 1500 block of North Oak Drive in Plymouth. Here are the results of the sobriety checkpoint:

129 vehicles were stopped, while 152 were allowed to pass around the checkpoint.

Drivers spent an average of less than one (1) minute in the checkpoint.

The Marshall County DUI Task Force is pleased to announce drivers on the Plymouth streets were safe. The Checkpoint resulted in two (2) Child Safety Restraint citations and zero (0) arrests. The Plymouth community should be assured with these results, knowing the streets are filled with compliant drivers.

Marshall County DUI Task Force officers from the Marshall County Sheriff’s Department, Bremen Police Department, Bourbon Police Department, Culver Police Department, and Plymouth Police Department worked the checkpoint. The Marshall County Prosecutor’s Office supported and assisted the DUI Task Force.

The Sobriety Checkpoint is an important community caretaking functions by the law enforcement agencies. The presence and enforcement efforts forewarn would-be impaired drivers to stay off the roads, thereby keeping our community streets safe.

Jointly issued by the Marshall County DUI Task Force and the Marshall County Prosecutor’s Office.