INDOT Road pavingJason Peters, Superintendent of the Marshall County Highway Department told the County Council on Monday they will continue paving on 12B Road over the next few days.   He plans to complete with the first layer to level the road by Thursday.

The week of the July 15th the County Highway Department will start the chip and seal program.

Chip seal_oilPeters asked drivers to slow down on a freshly chip and sealed road.  He suggested keeping speeds between 20 to 30 MPH for the first couple of days to allow the stone to have a chance to embed into the oil and lock in.

Tire spin on chip and seal road_1He said, “Speeding down a freshly sealed road can turn the stones and dislodge them. Once the oil starts to set or cure stones getting loosened up by speeding have a hard time embedding back into the oil.”  He also asked drivers to try and avoid turning sharp, taking curves too fast, avoiding spinning out and breaking too hard.

tire spin on chip and seal road_2Peters closed his comment saying, “How a freshly chip and sealed road turns out, long term, really depends on how it’s driven on in the first couple of weeks. Thank you for your cooperation!!”

The County Council also approved a $500,000 additional appropriation to help to cover more of the projects listed on this year’s Road Program.