Paving_MichiganSt_2Culver Town Clerk, Karen Heim has received word from the paving company that they plan is to mill and pave the following streets in Culver beginning on Monday, July 8:

School Street from Miller’s Merry Manor entrance to Lakeshore Drive

Nueva Gorda Street from Davis Street to Akron Street

Slate Street from Washington to Madison

Batabano Street from Obispo Street to South Plymouth Street

South Plymouth Street from Batabano Street to Wabash Street

Liberty Street from College to Lakeshore

Madison Street (entire street)

Forest Place (entire street)

Prado Street from Obispo to Main

Beginning Sunday night, July 7 and throughout milling and paving, please make sure your cars are not parked on any of these streets. Weather permitting, milling and paving should be done by the end of the week.