County News # 1Monday morning the Marshall County Commissioners opened the meeting with a public hearing on a ordinance that amended a 2016 ordinance and sets the fines for various violations.

The ordinance sets the fines for abandoned and junk vehicles at $50; animals running at large at $50; failure to license at $50, buggy ordinance violations at $50; curfew violations at $50; and open burning of trash at $50.  It also sets a fine of $100 for violation of the smoking and tobacco ordinance and a $250 fine for violation of the county’s home solicitation regulations.  Also included in this ordinance is the $300 fine for violation of the No Thru Truck ordinance recently passed and a $500 fine for travel during an emergency.

There were no public comments and the commissioners suspended the rules and passed the ordinance on all three readings.  It must be published in the local newspaper before going into effect.

The ordinance will permit county police officers to issue a ticket on the spot for the various violations and the revenue generated from the fines will stay in the county.


Violators will be able to pay their fines at the Marshall County Clerk’s Office at 211 West Madison Street in Plymouth Monday through Friday from 8 to 4.  Fines are to be paid within 30 days of issuance.