Miller's_Q-Tip Flowers June 2019 1 MarilynMiller’s Senior Living volunteer Sharon Duff led a fun and interesting craft last week.

MIller's_Q-Tip Flowers June 2019 2 KenResidents were given Styrofoam balls, Q-tips and food coloring and directed on how to create a flower.   After filling the ball with the Q-tips they were dipped in the food coloring and it was almost as if by magic the flowers turned bright, vivid colors.

MIller's_Q-Tip Flowers June 2019 3 Norma MThe photos show:  Marilyn Biggs and Norma Montgomery mesmerized by Volunteer Sharon dying the flowers; Ken Roush helped with the project by cutting the leaves while the ladies worked on their project;  andVolunteer Sharon and Norma M. pose with her completed project their flowers.