City NEwsThe Plymouth Common Council failed to pass on second reading the ordinance that would set the salaries for employees, fire and police personnel during Monday’s meeting.

Mayor Senter told the council he proposed a 2% across the board pay increase for next year with the exception of the Building Commissioner, Airport Manager and City Attorney who would receive 4% increases.  The mayor said both the Building Commissioner and Airport Manager’s salaries currently are on the low end of the 2017 Salary Survey.  He said the increase would raise those two positions to the mid level range.

Senter told the council he proposed a 4% increase for the City Attorney because of the time and overall work he has done on so many special projects.  He said, “It’s the Mayor’s budget but you can do what you want with it except increase it.”

Councilman Jeff Houin said he was supportive of the 4% increase for the Building Inspector and Airport Manager but couldn’t support the increase for the attorney.  He continued saying the attorney is already towards the high end and is the highest paid position in the city.

Councilman Don Ecker said he was supportive of the 2% increase but wondered if just meeting the projected cost of living was enough.

Councilman Bill Walters was glad to see the city bringing up the two positions that were on the low end of the salary survey up.  He was also supportive of the 4% increase for the city attorney.

Councilman Duane Culp said the city has the best department heads and employees.  He commented that the Airport Manager has been extremely underpaid and said he supported the proposed 4% increase for all three positions.

Councilman Randy Longanecker spoke very positive about the airport but when the vote came it was 2 in favor and three against…Duane Culp and Bill Walters voted yes to the mayor’s proposed 2020 salary ordinance and Jeff Houin, Don Ecker and Randy Longanecker voted no.

Mayor Senter said he would bring another proposal to the board at the next meeting.