Pioneer Drive & US30_1Last week, Plymouth City Engineer, Rick Gaul asked members of the Plymouth Redevelopment Commission to consider improvements to Pioneer Drive using Community Crossing funds with the 50% match being provided by the Redevelopment Commission.

Gaul told members the increase of heavy truck traffic on the road is causing the road to subside on one side.  He said the street department is trying to keep the road filled in and working.

Pioneer Drive & US30_2 The project will require the hiring of a consultant to assist with several aspects including surveying work, drainage and widening of Pioneer Drive from U.S. 30 north to 7B.

TIF funds are a primary source of funding for infrastructure projects.  The Plymouth Redevelopment Commission gave Gaul approval to seek information from consultants for the project and bring that information back to the commission for consideration.  The consultant’s expense would be funded by the commission.

Pioneer Drive & US30_3