County News # 1Marshall County Highway Superintendent Jason Peters give County Commissioners an update on the revenue distribution during their meeting Monday.  He noted that the highway department is not funded through property taxes but through gas tax and miscellaneous revenues.   

The Motor Vehicle Highway distribution from the state for June 2019 was $355,357.84.  Last year in June the county received $380,797.53 from the state.  Peters said the MVH fund was down $25,439.58 from last year.  

Revenue for the Local Road and Street fund for June 2019 was $64,822.59 and last year for this same month it was $64,740.45.  Revenue in this line item actually increased from last year by $82.14. 

Peters said, looking at the first six months of this year total revenue for his department was $2,204,468.13 while last year for the first six months it was $2,496,413.18.  This is a negative difference of $293,945.05  

The Highway Superintendent said over all, the year to date revenue for his department is down $302,423.51. He warned that if this continues he could see close to $600,000 less in revenue this year than in 2018.