Ameri-canAmeri-Can Engineering is a third-generation, family owned business in the heart of Argos. The business is an innovative manufacturer of products unlike anything else in the region, offering the most customization available in its industry. Ameri-Can Engineering manufactures high-quality portable sanitation trailers including luxury restroom trailers, decontamination trailers, laundry trailers, and shower trailers for disaster relief. Every trailer is custom crafted from the frame up allowing them to be used in a wide variety of environments from concerts and events to industrial and construction sites.

Argos has been home to Ameri-Can Engineering for 27 years. Marshall County is highly suitable to their business needs because it is centrally located with easy access to transportation of finished goods and delivery of raw materials. The area also provides a safe and beneficial cost of living for their 25 employees. Ameri-Can Engineering boasts a terrific culture and core employee base with a family atmosphere of highly skilled, custom crafters.

Ameri-Can Engineering expects continued growth in the market and innovation in manufacturing materials and technology. They are striving to continue advancing the mobile sanitation trailer market by incorporating smart home features and remote monitoring capabilities. According to Ameri-Can Engineering COO, Keegan Campbell, “We are proud to be located in Marshall County and wish to continue to build and develop our workforce here.”

Provided by Marshall County Economic Development Corp.