Marshall_County_JailJohn Greer, Marshall County Jail Maintenance Director updated the County Commissioners on the heating and cooling units on the roof of the jail.

During Monday’s meeting Greer said Dynamic Mechanical had completed their assessment of the ten roof-top units and found them to be in “generally good condition.”   He noted that they recently replaced the 10th unit which was a 3-ton unit that handles the heating and cooling for the 911 center with a 5-ton and said, “it’s working wonderfully.”

Greer said one of the units which serves the inmate pods needs a coil replaced at an estimated cost of $7,700.  He said if a unit in the jail goes out there is no other place to locate the inmates and they would have to be moved to another facility at an additional cost to the county.

Greer also said the current build time for a unit is 17 to 19 weeks.

Sheriff Matt Hassel suggested purchasing a unit to have on hand should one decide to stop working.

Commissioner Stan Klotz said, “I think we need to bite the bullet and replace all three units serving the jail pods since they are 10 years old.”

The commissioners agreed and noted that even if they are ordered today, they won’t be ready until mid October.  Greer was asked to get a quote for the replacement project and said because they need a crane to lift the units to the roof, there will be a savings by doing all three at the same time.