County News # 1The Marshall County Commissions had a full agenda for their Monday morning meeting. One item of business was awarding the bids for the five Community Crossing funds.

After reviewing all bids received two weeks ago, Highway Superintendent Jason Peters said all bids were accepted having all the required documentation.  Peter’s presented a spreadsheet laying out the various bids.  Peters’ recommendation was to select the lowest bid on each project.

The commissioners awarded the Dogwood Road project from State Road 331 to U.S. 6 to E & B Paving for a bid of $122,650.  The project on North Michigan Street from the Plymouth city limits north to the round-a-bout was awarded to Rieth Riley with a bid of $249,143.  The other Dogwood Road project from U.S. 6 to the county line was awarded to Walsh & Kelly for $334,214.  Walsh & Kelly was also awarded 11th Road project from U.S. 31 to South Michigan Road for the low bid of $127,170 while the final project, 9B Road from Union Road to the County Line went to Rieth Riley for $263,543.

Estimated costs for all five projects was $1,330,000 and being able to select the lowest bid on each project allowed the county to award bids in the about of $1,096,721.96 a difference of $233,378.04.   With the savings Commissioner Mike Delp suggested hiring a company to oversee the project making sure the county was getting what they paid for.   He asked a representative from USI Consultants to attend the meeting with a proposal to oversee the projects.  While that work should be the responsibility of the Highway Superintendent, Delp said Peters was is so busy with his regular work he doesn’t have time to handle everything.

Ross Snider from USI said they could do the construction inspections for a not-to-exceed price of $45,500.  That would include making sure the right materials are being used, the roads are built to spec, they would conduct density tests and complete the required paperwork to turn in at the end of the grant.

Peters was receptive to the help but wanted to speak with USI to determine exactly what they will do because he wants to do some of the work himself.

The commissioners motioned to accept the agreement with USI with a not-to-exceed price of $45,500.

Peters also noted that 75% of any leftover funds after the projects are completed would be returned to the state.