LOW_LibertySt_3Tuesday evening members of the Marshall County Board of Zoning Appeals considered the request of Kim Hochstetler to build a 971 square foot addition on to the 1105 square foot home at 4016 Liberty Street at Lake of the Woods.

Both the staff and Technical Review Committee recommended denial of the request because the additional will require three set-back variances.  Hochstetler requested to reduce the right-of-way setback from the required 30 feet to 17 feet, the sideyard setback from 10 feet or 10% of the width of the lot to 8 feet and the lake frontage setback from the required 45 feet to 35 feet.

During the public hearing Hochstetler said the lake front will match up with the existing home while the front-yard right-of-way would match up with the existing porch of the home.  He also commented that other homes in the area sit closer to the road than his addition will.

LOW_LibertySt_2Hochstetler owns two full lots and two half lots. The current home sits on a full lot and the addition will be using the half-lot next door.  The BZA told him he will have to combine the two lots into one before the building permit would be issued.  Also a portion of the new addition will sit in the flood plain so he must meet the requirements set forth to build in a flood plain.

After addition discussion by the board and absolutely no public comment, the County BZA unanimously approved the variances of development standards for the three setbacks and adhering to the flood plain requirements.

LOW_LibertySt_1Hochstetler said he plans to begin construction in September.