BourbonThe Bourbon Town Council has set a deadline of June 24 for the owner of a property at 803 N. Main Street, commonly known as the Phillips property, to enter into an agreement or the town attorney will proceed with a court date to resolve the matter of an unsafe property and past due payments owed to the town in the amount of $2,500 for storm water, mowing, and trash pickup fees. Both water and sewer lines have been capped due to non-payment several months ago.

The council voted to proceed with a proposed agreement that would write off the utility fees if the owner pays the taxes due and signs a quick deed by the end of the month.

Wagner said, “The 25th is a drop dead date.”

If the town assumes the property, demolition of the home would be the next action with the intent to sell the lot to recoup demolition costs.

Carol Anders Correspondent