The Marshall County Council approved the funding of a report that is the first step in a county-wide sewer district as part of their regular monthly meeting Monday, June 10.

County news # 2The council has asked that the report be funded from the County Health Department’s budget. Council President Judith Stone reviewed the Health Department’s starting and current balances and projected spending with the County Health Officer Dr. Holm. Stone said that there is money there to fund the study.

“There is money there to pay for this study out of Health Department money,” said Stone. “In my opinion it’s probably were it should be coming from, since this was brought to us by the Health Department.”

Dr. Holm responded that the Health Department is behind the study 100% because it is prevention. “We are going to work as fast as we can. Our department tries to be as conservative as we can.”

Council Member Heath Thornton agreed that the study funding should come from the Health Department Budget.

Ken Jones of Jones, Petrie, Rafinski, the firm that will be conducting the study, said the process should take about six months to produce a report. The report will identify what areas a public solution would be better than an individual solutions. Also what options are available for the problem areas and a priority matrix that will help the county decide on how to proceed.

The report will also have detailed recommendations of funding options and perhaps any partnership opportunities that are available for locations.

Council members thanked Dr. Holm for bringing the issue to the public. Dr. Holm in turn thanked Health Department Administrator Christine Stinson for her work on the issue.

Council Member Jack Roose said, “I was not sure how I could see this at first, but seeing what we are up against. I just want to thank you for your leadership.”

The Health Department will need to return to the council with an additional appropriation to actually fund the report but the motion of support passed unanimously.
The Preliminary Engineering Report for Marshall County Regional Sewage District is just a first step in determining if a regional sewage district is feasible.


Provided By Greg Hildebrand Managing Editor of the Pilot News