County News # 1The Community Corrections department is funded in large part through a number of state and federal grants. In years past their accounting period was a fiscal year of July 1 through July 1.
The state is changing this procedure and the department will operate on a calendar year Jan. 1 to Jan. 1 much like the vast majority of the county government.
Six month budgets for fiscal year 2019 were prepared submitted to the grant organizations for Community Corrections.
The one sticking point was the salary ordinance and the rate of pay for the six months.
In years past Ward Byers, Director of Operations, explained that Community Corrections has operated six months behind when it came to salaries.
He explained that while most county employees received pay increases at the beginning of the year, Jan. 1, their department would received the increase at the first of their fiscal year July 1.
“We are here today to seek those pay raises for July first for 2019 that was afforded all the other county employees in January of this year,” said Byers.
County Council President Judith Stone asked Byers if he was asking for the pay increase to be retroactive to the beginning of the year.
Byers said, “You could do it that way or you can just make it effective July 1 and that $1,000 would will be, the amount per pay would be greater than other county employees. To break that $1,000 up over six months instead of twelve.”
This would create hourly rates that at the end of the year would have to be adjusted back down.
The hang up on making it retroactive is the way the six month bulk payment would be taxed at a higher rate than the amount spread over six months.
Jon Van Vactor suggested, “How about if we just go forward with the $500 dollar for the last six months and then Jan. 1 you could look at whatever raise the rest of the county employees are going to get.”
Byers said, “That all other county employees received $1,000, as Community Corrections employees we are entitled to the same benefits and pay that all other county employees receive.”
After some back and forth between most of the council members it was motioned and passed that the wages would be adjusted to give a $1,000 raise over six months and would have to be adjusted back at the beginning of the year.
In other business before the council, Jim Causey appeared before the board to ask for the counties financial support for the permanent supportive housing project that is being developed on West Jefferson. The council listened but offered no action on the request.
Sheriff Hassel and the Prosecutor’s Office represented by Tami Napier the Assistant Prosecutor asked for waivers of probationary pay for employees that are new to their departments but bring several years of experience to the job. Both were granted.


Provided By Greg Hildebrand Managing Editor of the Pilot News