NewsThe Triton School Board met for a short regular meeting on June 10.  The board unanimously approved reducing transportation fees for school field trips, club events, and athletic contests by 50 percent. According to Superintendent Jeremy Riffle, transportation fees totaled some $19,000 last year, with $10,000 coming from athletic related off-site transportation needs. Fees cover both fuel and driver pay.

Riffle noted that clubs held fundraisers to pay fees and students attending school field trips were asked for a nominal fee.

The athletic department will pay $5,000 for the upcoming year. The board intends to revisit the subject of transportation expenses annually.

Riffle said they are going to try the 50% decrease and monitor to make sure it is not a burden on the budget.  He added, “We are taking steps to have zero fees for athletics, school trips and clubs.”

In other matters, the board approved the purchase of two Thomas 66 passenger school buses for 2020. Transportation Tom McFarland said the buses have not been ordered as yet, but indicated that buses ordered in January are usually not delivered until August or September.

Bus replacements are done on a 12-year rotation. Currently the corporation has 13 total buses with one set aside for special education transportation needs and one is kept as a spare.

Carol Anders Correspondent