The annual Senior Awards event took place at Plymouth High School on Friday morning, May 24, in the varsity gymnasium. Hundreds of students were awarded grants and scholarships that tallied altogether just over $3.5 million.

Over the past few months, dozens of PHS seniors have applied and interviewed with the PHS guidance department for hundreds of grants and open scholarship opportunities.


PHS Senior Awards 2019_Keizer AwardKizer Athletic Awards were presented by Mr. Keith Kizer to Celia Robinson and Cole Filson.   Click here

PHS_Senior Awards 2019_2Dr. Kent Guild Mental Attitude Awards were presented by PHS Athletic Director Michael Delp to: Mary Beatty, Jackson Lee and Daniel Stauffer.    Click here

PHS_Senior Awards 2019_Female AlthletesPlymouth Athletic Booster Club Scholar Athlete Scholarships were presented by Mr. Gene Skirvin to:  Celia Robinson, Jackson Lee, Sydnee Smith, Cole Filson, Kaitlyn Carothers, Blake Reed, Paige Young, Daniel Stauffer, Mercedes Bastardo, Luke Walters, Makena Carmichael, Clay Hilliard, Mary Beatty, Bryce Carmichael, Rachel Bockman, Lucas Mikesell, Kaitlyn Renneker, Kobe Johnson, Halle Reichard, Chapman Yoder

PHS Senior awards male althletes 2019

Moose Krause Memorial Scholar Athlete was presented by: Mr. Gene Skirvin to Jackson Lee

Wayne and Heddy Wiers Rockie Football Scholarship was resented by Mr. Caleb Wiers to Blake Reed

PHS senior awards 2019 wrestlingRead’s Wrestling Scholarship presented by Mr. Ryan Rust to  Lucas Mikesell.

Plymouth High School administrators say this event would not be possible if it were not for the generosity of individuals, businesses, and organizations in the Plymouth, Marshall County, and surrounding Michiana communities.