PHS Speech Showcase 2019Have you ever had the chance to see the Plymouth High School Speech Team perform?  Whether you have or have not, the opportunity to see them perform is Friday night, May 17th in the high school Studio Theater at 7 p.m.  The audience may enter door #2 or door #5.

All members of the team who will represent Plymouth at the National Tournament and both state champions will perform in a fund-raising showcase for the school, parents, and community.  There is not a specific price for a ticket because the coaches want anyone who wants to see these performances have that opportunity.  So, you can donate a quarter or you can donate $10,000.00.  Speech Coach Dan Tyree said, “We will gladly take you good will donation.”

Fourteen PHS students will make the flight to Dallas on June the 15th where each will compete for an individual national championship.  And with fourteen students competing, the team will also be competing for a team national championship.

Friday night is the first time that most of the PHS speakers have competed since the state championship where Plymouth finished second to Munster High School in Class AA and the team finished 3rd overall losing to Munster High School and Fishers High School.

Tyree said, “Many of the speakers have taken this long time off to make some changes in their speeches so they may not be 100%.  Some may be overtime and others may use a script.”  This showcase is the best opportunity for the speakers to get feedback from the audience and coaches on the changes they have made.  The coaches guarantee that you will be entertained at the skill level of their writing, speaking and in some cases, debating.

Seniors Levi Crawford, Andrew Haines, Rylee Tostevin, and Madison Smith will perform new versions of their state finalist duos.  Senior Bridget Schafer and Jaada Anglin will perform their dramas.  Bridget and Jada were both in the state final where Jada was crowned the state champion in the district where Bridget qualified for the national tournament.

Seniors Elizabeth Mendez and Edgar Garcia will be giving their information speeches.  Both dominated at events all year.  Senior Josie Edwards will be giving the new version of her Original Oratory.  She is helped with the puppet Tex who is excited about traveling to Dalla.  Senior Katy Smith, state champion and Austin Keyser, a sophomore makes his first trip to the national tournament will make the audience laugh performing their humors.  Trent McKenzie, state runner up in Congress and third place in Foreign Extemporaneous Speaking will amaze you with his ability to draw a topic and then 30 minutes later give a speech on an international topic.  Finally, senior Jack Garner, along with sophomores Emma Kruyer and Brenna Large will debate one of the bills they will debate in Dallas.

Anyone who would like to make a donation to the speech team may do so by sending a check made out to Plymouth High School and addressed to Charlotte Tyree, assistant coach, #1 Big Red Drive, Plymouth, IN 46563

The best parking for the event will be at door #5.