Bourbon Water Tower_1The Bourbon Town Council continues to move closer to adopting a revised junk vehicle ordinance. At their May 14 meeting, town attorney, Tony Wagner, presented a revised version of an ordinance for the board’s consideration. A preliminary version of the ordinance had been passed on 1st reading at the April meeting.

Wagner said, “This is dramatically different from what you had. I feel comfortable with this. It is a good start.” Wagner said the proposed ordinance would need to be published since there are costs for infractions in the document. Barring any further changes, the ordinance could be passed on both 2nd and 3rd readings at the June Council meeting.

Bourbon Town Council members also agree unanimously with updates made to the Unsafe Building Ordinance. It was noted that the changes to the existing ordinance were minor. Wagner said the changes would eliminate the need to have a panel at the local level and the Town of Bourbon could file in either Small Claims Court or Superior Court to resolve issues.  Bill Keyser, Zoning Department, had given Wagner suggestions as to procedures for handling cases. The revised ordinance will also need to be published due to an infraction component of costs.

Carol Anders Correspondent