Raised bed Unity GardenSaint Joseph Health System(SJHS) and Unity Gardens have partnered to bring a Unity Garden to Plymouth.  We will be filling raised beds and planting the garden on Saturday, May 18 from 1-4 pm at the Life Enrichment Center, 1305 West Harrison Street.   We will have light refreshments and plenty of work for all ages and skill levels.

Each Unity Garden has two criteria:  diverse people coming together to grow a garden and sharing the food grown in the garden with the community.  The Plymouth Unity Garden will follow the same principles andprovide fresh, healthy food for anyone.  “What is most unique about the Unity Gardens is an approach based on unconditional sharing” says Sara Stewart, Executive Director of Unity Gardens.

“Giving our community access to healthy foods is a part of caring for our community and our mission,” said Michelle Peters, vice president, SJHS Community Health and Well-Being. “In 2018, we identified areas in our community where healthy foods were almost non-existent. Today, we are bridging that gap and hopefully impacting better food choices and ultimately better health.”

For more information about this planting event or volunteering at the Plymouth Unity Gardens, contact Marshall County SWCD at 574-936-2024 x 3, or Marshall County Council on Aging at 574-936-9904.