PHS_ElectricalShirts_1Faith Hansen’s Digital Design class at Plymouth High School participated in the second annual shirt design contest for the IBEW Local 153 electrical union.

After learning design skills using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, students made shirts for the electrical union.

The IBEW Local 153 union committee voted on the shirt designs and chose three PHS winning designs to be printed. Those designs are now on sale at the union office at 56475 Peppermint Road, South Bend.

The union was so thankful they provided Hansen’s whole class with a pizza party, free shirts, and donated $600 to the classroom!

The winning designs were made by junior Olivia Waymouth, junior Helen Chen and sophomore Diana Gallardo-Quintana.
Photos are named by each student’s design

  • PHS junior Helen Chen's designPHS junior Helen Chen’s design
  • PHS sophomore Diana Gallardo-Quintana's designPHS sophomore Diana Gallardo-Quintana’s design
  • PHS_ElectricalShirts_2PHS Olivia Waymouth’s design