County News # 1Jodi Smith, President and CEO of Marshall Starke Development Center gave the Marshall County Commissioners an update on the operation of the company and the services they provide to residents in Marshall County.

Marshall Starke Development Center operates on a budget of $6,188,669.  They have 128 full-time and 53 part-time employees.  While there are a total of 423 enrolled in the adult, Head Start and Early Head Start programs, Jodi broke out the county resident and said there are 109 in the adult day programs, 30 with employment services, 26 residential habilitation, 102 in Head Start and 26 in Early Head Start.

Clients of Marshall Starke Development Center also provide 89 hours of volunteer services each week.  They deliver Meals on Wheels and pick up frozen pizzas from Little Caesars and deliver them to the Neighborhood Center to name a few.  Smith said, “We are teaching individuals with disabilities the importance of giving back to their community.”

Marshall Starke offers transportation to 111.

Several years ago the county agreed to allow Marshall Starke to purchase fuel from the County give them some cost savings.  Ms. Smith said the fuel purchased is used only in Marshall County and the savings is very helpful.  In January they purchased gas from the county for $1.70 a gallon while the stations were selling it for $2.15.  In February the county’s gas was $2.06 a gallon and on the open market it was $2.22 a gallon and March it was $2.23 and $2.57.